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Robinson Raven II for sale

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Robinson Raven II

Category: Helicopter
Make: Robinson
Model: Raven II
Year: 2007
Callsign: G-FLYX
Serial No.: 11669
Airport City: Hornchurch
Country:  United Kingdom
Price: 210000 US$ Affordable
Aircraft Description
Avionics: Silver Crown; Communication Radios: Bendix/King KY-196A; GPS:Garmin GNC-250XL; Transponder: Garmin GTX-330;&10003;
Global Positioning System
Other Equipment: General: NAT AA83-100 intercom, blind encoder; Crew Accessories: 9-hole panel;
Interior: Interior is in excellent condition
Exterior: Exterior is in excellent condition
Remarks: The aircraft is privately owned and has been used mainly for pleasure and leisure flights, It is mostly hangar-ed. No known damage,incident or accident history.
Contact Data
Name: Robert David Hagger
I am a: Private Seller
Address 1:
Address 2:
Address 3:
Phone 1:
Phone 2:
Phone 3:
eMail: Open contact form

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