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XENON 2 RST for sale

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Category: Ultralight / LSA
Model: XENON 2 RST
Year: 2009
Callsign: ZU-RGE
Serial No.: CAJ2574S
Total Time: 151
Airframetime: 151
Enginetime: 151
Airport City: London
Country:  United Kingdom
Price: 45000 Euro
Aircraft Description
Airframe: Avionics

- Airspeed indicator (Digital)
- Altimeter (Digital)
- Engine RPM (Digital)
- Manifold pressure (Digital)
- CHT 1&2 (Digital)
- Oil temperature (Digital)
- Oil pressure (Digital)
- EGT 1,2,3&4 (Digital)
- Fuel pressure (Digital)
- Fuel flow (Digital)
- Fuel level actual (Digital)
- Fuel level calculated (Digital)
- Rotor RPM (Digital)
- Outside air temperature (Digital)
- HOBBS (Digital)
- Flight time counter (Digital)
- GPS functions
- Area map functions
- Artificial horizon
- Turn and bank indicator
- Compass (Digital)
- Radio, ATR 500 COM
- Charge warning light

Extra Equipment/Modifications

Rear view camera
Fire extinguisher
First aid kit
2 Light Speed Zulu headsets
Icom Hand Held Radio
Garmin Aero 500 GPS

Interior Condition - (Out of five)

Floor Covering: 5/5
Panels: 5/5
Seats: 5/5
Windows: 5/5

Exterior Condition - (Out of five)

Paint: 5/5
Airframe: 5/5

Color Scheme
Exterior: Yellow with black registration
Interior: Black leather seats with black instrument panel
Contact Data
Name: Eric Sinclair
I am a: Private Seller
Address 1:
Address 2:
Address 3:
Phone 1:
Phone 2:
Phone 3:
eMail: Open contact form

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